Heavy Equipment Collision Repair Careers

If you have always liked tinkering with the exteriors of cars, giving it a polished finish, then you could make a career out of it. You could do this by first getting the proper training in the collision repair department of a franchised dealership.

Collision repair as a career involves repairing the damaged body and parts of a vehicle. The candidates are trained to handle a range of equipment to repair the damage of individual sections. From using a hammer and anvil to smooth out dents, to using a pneumatic metal-cutting gun and welding equipment to remove and replace damaged sections, collision repair involves all types of restorations.

The following areas of instruction are available in collision repair technology: Computerized frame measuring, which is the use of computer technology to assess frame changes caused by damage. Other subjects such as computerized estimate writing, shrinking and stretching methods, alignment work on doors, hoods, and deck lids, the use of spray painting equipment, computerized mixing and matching of paints, frame alignment and more are also taught.

The goal of the Collision Repair Program is to train candidates with sufficient expertise and know-how to get into the job market. The candidates should be willing to work as heavy equipment repairers. The program provides you the opportunity to develop the basic skills required in auto body repair and refinishing. It offers you in-depth understanding of the underlying theories, the study of technical information, and related practical information to assure that you follow proper procedures in the repairing and servicing of any kind of damaged vehicles body and chassis.

The use of micro and macro tools is also explained during the program. Tools such as the mig welder, refinishing equipment (paint mixing system, paint gun, paint booth, etc.), frame straightening equipment, and various body tools (hammers, dollies, grinders, etc.) are also taught. More attention and focus is put on the use of hand tools.

One of the main advantages of the program is that it offers an opportunity to begin working “hands on” during the second semester of the first year. Thus, you will do various jobs ranging from detailing to helping with a complete paint job in the first year of the program. The program also offers training with an up-to-date paint booth that can bake paint at temperatures of up to 140 degree F. Candidates are also offered a practical course on frame straightening equipment and the operation of HVLP refinishing equipment.

Apart from basic reading ability, skills in mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions and percentages) are essential for this program. Physical abilities such as good eye-hand coordination and motor skills will help the candidate to progress quickly in the program.

Being a certified collision repairer opens up a whole range of job avenues. Positions such as a body shop and paint shop helper, automotive refinisher, auto body technician, fiberglass technician, the sales of paint and automobile body supplies, insurance appraiser, or auto body shop manager, are some of the jobs available in this field.

The program lasts for two years with a year of apprenticeship. A candidate can expect a 40-hour work week, and salary depends on the specific job, shop size, and the size of town in which the shop is located.

With the growth in the number of motor vehicles, which inevitably results in more accidents, there is no dearth in the demand of collision repair technicians. The US Department of Labor expects the employment prospects of automotive body repairers to grow about as fast as the average for all other occupations through to the year 2012.

Electronics Engineering Technology Distance Learning Become A Most In Demand Technologist

Electronics Engineering Technology distance learning courses are flourishing, making use of the low entry-level requirement of a 2-year Associate Degree to become an Engineering Technician, and the further career advancement to an Engineering Technologist (or Applied Engineer) possible in the field by pursuing a 4-year Bachelors Degree. Among all Technicians and Technologists working in USA, Electrical and Electronics Engineering professionals make up more than one-third, which is a clear indication for their demand. And this demand is nowadays driven more by the high-tech industry’s need for Electronics Engineering Technicians, rather than the conventional industries’ need for Electrical Engineering Technicians.

Why Electronics Engineering Technology?

All of today’s booming industrial sectors like telecommunications, medical equipment, control systems, automotive systems, navigational systems, and of course, the consumer appliances sector are bringing out everything from mobile phones to home theatres, and require expertise in Electronics Engineering more than anything else, which explains the demand for Electronics Engineering professionals.

However, to attempt the field through an Engineering Degree can be taxing to those students who are not interested in taking advanced level mathematics (calculus) courses that an Engineering Degree requires, or to endure its long 4-year time frame. For such students, Electronics Engineering Technology is a great option, with its stress on applied or hands-on Electronics Engineering rather than the mathematics-dense and research-oriented Electronics Engineering. The time frame also is much shorter, with an Electronics Engineering Technician requiring only a 2-year Associate Degree to enter the field.

The job opportunities too are tilted in favor of Electronics Engineering Technicians when compared with Electronics Engineers; there are 182,000 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians working in USA, compared with only 143,000 Electronics Engineers. The only drawbacks a lower level in the hierarchy and the lower starting salaries than Electronics Engineers can be overcome in the long run, since interested Electronics Engineering Technicians can study further for a 4-year Bachelors Degree, thus qualifying for the senior position of Electronics Engineering Technologist, who enjoys a position and salary comparable to Electronics Engineers. Average salary for Electronics Engineering Senior Technicians / Technologists is US $46,000, very comparable to salaries for Electronics Engineers at US $52,000.

Why Electronics Engineering Technology Distance Learning?

It is estimated that job opportunities for Electronics Engineering Technicians and Technologists would grow at up to 17% every year, for nearly the next 10 years. The requirement of an Associate Degree for entering the field is a relatively recent phenomenon, and a significant percentage of working Electronics Engineering Technicians doesn’t have such a formal degree. The industry preference to degree holders is encouraging such working professionals to get an Associate Degree, and electronics engineering technology distance learning becomes the natural choice. Also, due to the boom in the sector, those already having an Associate Degree will go for a Bachelors Degree so that they can work as a Technologist. And, of course, the growth prospects in the sector are attracting working professionals from other fields to Electronics Engineering Technology. These three factors are driving the huge demand for electronics engineering technology distance learning courses.

Earlier, there were technological hindrances to deliver such a hands-on course through a distance or online model. However, with the development of state-of-the-art systems like National Instruments’ LabVIEW/ELVIS (Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite), which can be used by remote students through a web browser, to virtually perform any electronics experiment, the demand for Electronics Engineering Distance Learning courses are at an all-time high.

Universities and Colleges Offering Electronics Engineering Technology Distance Learning

Electronics engineering technology distance learning courses offer both 2-year Associate and 4-year Bachelors Degrees. While Community Colleges and Institutes dominate the Associate Degree scene, Universities and Polytechnics are the primary sources for Bachelors Degrees. While searching for electronics engineering technology distance learning courses, it should be kept in mind that many US institutions still call the subject Electrical Engineering Technology.

Associate Degrees

Many Community Colleges and Institutes offer 2-year Associate Degrees for electronics engineering technology distance learning, but fully accredited courses are fewer. Whether for employment as an Electronics Engineering Technician or for further pursuance of a Bachelors Degree, it is always better to go for an accredited course. Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE), Penn Foster Career School, and Grantham University are three institutions that offer accredited Associate Degrees in the subject.

CIE’s Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Electronics Engineering Technology boasts of many unique features. Designed from the ground up as a distance learning course, rather than an online adaptation of a regular course, the CIE A.A.S. provides everything that an electronics engineering technology distance learning student might require, in a packaged fashion complete with printed courseware for over 250 self-paced lessons, videos, and detailed instructions for the over 300 hands-on lab experiments. The only thing missing will be access to an Oscilloscope, and the CIE Bookstore even sells Oscilloscopes at discounted prices to its students! One-to-one instructor support is always available for students. Even the exams can be taken online. A really unique feature of the course is that interested and capable students can complete the course in half or even quarter time, and need only pay for that!

Penn Foster Career School offers an Associate in Specialized Technology (AST) in Electronics Technology, that can be completed fully online, with access to an internet-connected computer being the only requirement. Tuition includes well-written and amply-illustrated printed courseware, tools and equipment for experiments, and unlimited instructor support through website, phone, email, and regular mail. Online open-book exams and end-of-semester proctored exams are other features of this course. The course is self-paced, with longer than 2-year durations allowed.

Grantham University offers an Associate of Science (AS) in Electronics Engineering Technology through the distance mode. The tuition package for the course includes textbooks, lesson guides, grading of all tests, mailing of materials and graded tests from the college, consultation with instructors, and required software. Proctored exams are conducted at the end of every semester, which lend more credibility to this course. Consultation with instructors is available through phone, fax, email, and regular mail. To better facilitate the distance mode of the course, Grantham University even provides a discounted option for its students to buy computers from Dell. However, the main advantage of this course is that full credit transfer is possible to Grantham’s Bachelors Degree in the subject. Grantham is especially popular with military students.

Bachelors Degrees

When it comes to Bachelors Degrees for electronics engineering technology distance learning, even courses with accreditation from the Technology Accreditation Commission (TAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) are available.

Old Dominion University offers its Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Technology, with Electrical Engineering Technology as Major, and Electrical Systems Technology as optional. The course name follows the earlier US convention of naming Electronics Engineering courses as Electrical Engineering courses. This B.S. indeed has significant stress on Electronics Engineering Technology. In-depth coverage of Electronics includes Linear Electronics, Digital Controls, Microprocessors, Communications, Control Systems etc. High-tech delivery methods like virtual laboratory, streaming video, and satellite broadcast for 1-way video and 2-way audio, are fully utilized. The course is accredited by TAC of ABET.

World College, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE), offers a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Technology (BEET) through the distance mode. Features include over 300 lab experiments, online exams, and toll free phones and email for consultation with instructors. Subjects covered include Electronics, Computer Technology, Telecommunications, Electrical Power, and Control Systems. Access to a computer and an oscilloscope are necessary.

Grantham University (described above, under Associate Degrees) also offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electronics Engineering Technology.

The only current limiting factor for electronics engineering technology distance learning seems to be the high costs for implementing virtual labs that can be simultaneously accessed by a large number of students, and once this is solved by better and economical hardware and software, electronics engineering technology distance learning will be provided by more and more Universities, Colleges, and Polytechnic Institutes.

Why The Repair Of Alloy Wheels Is Important

Alloy wheel repair is usually a significantly better choice than replacement. It’s usually less expensive for bent rim repair or aluminum wheel repair. Restoring anything you curently have over purchasing a completely new wheel is cheaper. With the repair of alloy wheels speak with alloy wheel repair specialists who will repair car rims with effective service and turnaround time, and be far more economical compared to a totally new wheel. This money you save can be utilised on more stimulating things like truck accessories! Actually your more intricate custom rims might be fixed and refinished, not only the stock ones that came with your vehicle.

A superb expert should be able to take your cracked, chipped or gouged rims and then make them look as good as new, minus the cost of obtaining new ones. It’ll be simply a small fraction with the expense of many new wheels, in fact. You’ll probably never find anybody who will easily notice the real difference, you may consider it as a secret involving you, your wheels, as well as your repair technician. They’ll achieve this by checking, clean-up, and recoating your wheel to have it back to that showroom condition.

If you wish that fresh new from the factory look at all times, yet your rims are shedding or flaking, you are aware that your truck isn’t going to satisfy your production line fresh standard. If you’re tired of the actual way it appears, or simply just worried that it could be damaging the metal of your rims, than you undoubtedly need to consider getting them fixed. For your own satisfaction, and also for the long term worth and usefulness to your car, you need to have your wheels restored. The reason being in relation to automobiles what may seem like a simply cosmetic repair is actually a restore to the crucial part of your cars defense. Your wheels looking chipped and scratched not only looks undesirable, it lets environmental surroundings harm the metal of your wheels which results in rust, corrosion, and defects in your wheels. A substandard wheel, without a doubt, is something that no one wants. Don’t simply consider this kind of fix as absolute vanity, additionally it is an important aspect of taking care of the security to your car or truck. So having them restored to their original factory look isn’t just visually appealing, it’s the practical and secure thing to do.

This doesn’t just apply to individual vehicles either; fleet operators ought to watch out for this as well. It reflects poorly for the excellence of the motor vehicles you rent to clients in the event the wheels are in poor condition. That time tested image of the vehicle renter kicking the tires’ isn’t so far off. I’ve kicked a tire or two in advance of renting and given the wheels a peek. When they start looking bad I’m not letting it. Same goes for companies with business vehicles, every aspect of your business will be looked at. From your paint and decals on your motor vehicle, to the rims and wheels you’re showing off, your vehicle is your public declaration of what you’re about. Don’t be the one who shows an unsatisfactory front in your consumers; have an alloy wheel repair completed to your company car or truck before it reflects poorly with you.

Repair Of Alloy Wheels Keeps Your Vehicles Looking Good

Alloy wheel repair is often a far better method than replacement. It is always less expensive for bent rim repair or aluminum wheel repair. Repairing anything you have already over purchasing a completely new wheel will cost less. For the repair of alloy wheels seek the advice of alloy wheel repair specialists who will repair car rims with swift service and turnaround time, and be a lot more affordable than the usual whole new wheel. The amount of money you save can be used on more pleasant things like truck accessories! Even your more complicated custom rims could be restored and refinished, not only the stock ones that came with your truck.

An excellent specialist will be able to take your scored, chipped or gouged rims and make them look as good as new, but without the price of getting a new one. It’ll be merely a small fraction with the value of brand-new wheels, in fact. You’ll very likely never find anyone who can tell the main difference, you could think of it as a secret involving you, your wheels, and also your repair technician. They’re going to accomplish this by checking, clean-up, and recoating your wheel to make it back to that showroom condition.

If you wish that fresh new from the manufacturer appearance everyday, yet your rims are peeling or flaking, you know your car or truck will not meet your manufacturing facility fresh standard. If you’re sick and tired with the actual way it appears, or just worried that it could be destroying the metal of your rims, than you truly should get them restored. For your own secure feeling, and for the lasting worth and usefulness of the car, you need to have your wheels serviced. The reason being with regards to automobiles what may seem like a simply cosmetic repair is in fact a repair to the vital part of your cars proper protection. Your wheels looking cracked and damaged not only looks undesirable, it lets the surroundings strike the metal of your wheels which ends up in rust, corrosion, and faults with your wheels. A malfunctioning wheel, let me tell you, is something that nobody wants. Don’t just consider this style of restoration as pure vainness, it’s also an essential aspect of taking good care of the safety of your car or truck. So having them restored to their original factory look isn’t just aesthetically appealing, it is the reasonable and safe course of action.

This doesn’t just pertain to personalized vehicles either; fleet managers have to look out for this too. It reflects poorly to the excellence of the motor vehicles you are renting to clients if the wheels will be in weak condition. That time tested picture of the car renter �kicking the tires’ isn’t so far off. I’ve knocked a tire or two just before renting and given the wheels a glance. When they seem bad I’m not choosing it. Same goes for corporations with corporation vehicles, all aspects of your company will likely be checked out. From your paint and graphics on your vehicle, to the rims and wheels you’re displaying, your vehicle has to be your public assertion of what you’re about. Don’t be the individual who shows an unsatisfactory front in your clients; receive an alloy wheel repair completed to your organization’s car before it displays improperly for you.

The Automotive Employment Market Is Still an Open Playing Field

In the automotive employment market there are still very attractive job opportunities available all over the world. So if you are in the automotive employment market and want to make a change there are still a lot of opportunities all over the world.

In this modern world there do exist a massive shortage highly skilled automotive technicians all over the world. So if you are a highly skilled auto technician you can choose where you want to work in the world.

By just applying on one of the many automotive recruitment companies web pages, and they will search a job opportunity for you any place in the world. The fact is that a lot of emerging automotive markets have opened up in reasoned years, due to the power shift in the automotive industry.

This automotive employment market is going to become even bigger in the future as all new type of cars is going to hit the market. Like all the “EV” cars that are still in the prototype phase. All these cars will have new technology implemented into them, so new personnel must be trained to work on them in the future.

This will bring a paradigm shift into this automotive employment market, even the training methods and the skill sets that must be trained have to change in the very near future.

This will cause the manufacturers to start running extensive training and develop programs, to have highly skilled technicians to assist them to establish their brand. There will be coming new brands and brand name into the playing field and these brands will need to still build their names in the market place.

To build a brand name you need a powerful after sales service you can assist your customers with. This alone will create a new automotive employment market to the auto industry; just imagine an electronic or chemical engineer working at your local car dealership.

It may sound farfetched but it is possible as the cars in the future will be driven with power plants like fuel cells, hydrogen emission and electric motors. All of this is going to come to the market place in this modern world sooner than most of us do realize. So the predictions are that a big portion of the existing automotive workforce will leave.

They will leave this workforce as they are from the old school with old school principles that will become extinct with this new technology. The human tendencies are that you will stay ignorant if you become a member of the old school club. This only happens as the older people were conditioned that they can only learn something up to a certain age. All of us know this is not true but the system wants them to leave as it is harder to change and old horse to get rid of his or her habits

The system was created to develop a group of slaves that would be easier to condition, into what this slave system needs and not what the workers needs. That is one of the reasons why the older leading hands in the automotive employment market gets removed or retrenched. The general modern business conceptions are that older people are resisters to modern business, as they don’t want to change.

If all this highly skilled people are removed in the future the whole automotive industry will suffer a massive skills and brain lost that could have passed on to the younger people. Findings are that most of this older people in the automotive industry don’t want to share their knowledge and skills anymore, because they don’t see themselves as resistors for future development in the automotive industry.

So the automotive employment market will suffer great losses in the near future, due to this phenomenon.

Rocco van Rooyen is an Author on Automotive Solutions. As an Entrepreneur and Author on the subject, he is at the forefront to provide solutions to all automotive related problems.